Workday Payroll Online Training

Workday Payroll Online Training

    • Course Duration

      30-60 hours or 5-6 weeks (workdays) at flexible timings

      Training Materials

      1. Systematic and comprehensive module wise course content
      2. Access to reference material
      3. Video lectures and presentation slides
      4. Quizzes for self-evaluation
      5. Case studies and live examples for practical understanding
      6. Course certification guidebook

      What’s Needed To Join This Course?

      Participant just needs to have high speed internet connectivity to enjoy seamless pause-free knowledge sessions

      Who Are Ideal Candidates?

      Workday is a next generation software that provides service to management professionals in tracking workday of employees. Any passionate learner, experienced to novice, can join the training and add enhance their skills. The training can be helpful for people in human resource and business management areas.

      Course Info

      We offer very lucid and flexible training format. The course begins with overview and introduction lectures and gradually heads towards the software demonstration and hands-on training.

      Highlights Of The Course

      1. High resolution live/virtual expert instructor-led classes
      2. Hands-on software training with real time scenarios and solutions
      3. Certification oriented training with 24 x 7 live support during course hours
      4. High quality study material and recorded lectures


      1. Classes by expert workday professionals
      2. Affordable fee structure
      3. Career guidance
      4. Placement assistance after successful completion of the course
    • Workday Payroll Online Training

      Chapter 1-Introduction to Workday Payroll.

      Chapter 2-Configure Tenant Setup – Payroll

      Chapter 3-Setup the Payroll Processing Framework

      1. Period Schedule structure
      2. Run categories
      3. Defining payment election rules
      4. Pay Groups

      Chapter 4-Defining Earnings and Deductions

      1. Earnings
      2. Deductions
      3. Info required to define Earnings and Deductions
      4. Explore Bonus Earning
      5. Paycomp Groups
      6. Criteria
      7. Calculation details
      8. Compensation Elements
      9. Time earnings
      10. Benefit plans
      11. Paycomp security group
      12. Costing
      13. Limits
      14. ROE(Canada)

      Chapter 5-up Federal,State and Local Tax Reporting

      1. Overview of Tax setup
      2. Setup payroll taxes
      3. Set up Company
      4. Setup Company,Federal,State and Local Tax setup
      5. Define Tax authority exception
      6. Setup worker Tax elections
      7. Multiple worktax jurisdictions
      8. w/2 Setup – Map wage Tax components to customer configured W2 Boxes

      Chapter 6-Set up Witholding Orders

      1. Overview of Withholding orders
      2. Identify disposable income for a witholding order
      3. Create deduction recipient
      4. Record the details of the Withholding Order
      5. Editing support order
      6. Amend or Terminate a support order
      7. Processing priority of a witholding order
      8. View Withholding Orders for a Worker
      9. Chapter 7-Set up Payroll Accounting

      10. Overview of Payroll Accounting
      11. Suspence Accounts
      12. Generate Accounting Results
      13. Run Payroll Accounting and Review Accounting Results

      Chapter 8-Set up Banking and Settlement

      1. Over view of Banking and Settlement Configuration
      2. Preriquisites to Banking and Settlement Configuration
      3. Define payment election rules
      4. Configure payroll payslip
      5. Configure check print layout
      6. Define bank accounts
      7. Define Routing Rules
      8. Pre note runs
      9. Configure Settlement

      Chapter 9-Configure Roles and Security

      1. Overview of Roles and Security Groups
      2. Pay component Based
      3. Chapter 10-Define Business Process
      4. Overview of Business Processes
      5. Payroll Specific Business Processe
      6. Chapter 11-Payroll Input and Processing
      7. Overview of payroll input process
      8. Enter an override
      9. Make a special Entry
      10. Loan configuration and Re payment

      Chapter 12-Payroll process On cycle and Off cycle

      1. Run and Complete a Payroll
      2. Process an off cycle Manual Payment
      3. Process an off cycle Reversal
      4. Process an off cyle on Demand Payment

      Chapter 13-Check configuration Steps

      1. Pre printed check vs Blank check Stock
      2. Formatted MICR field vs Default MICR line
      3. Fraction and last check number used
      4. Addresses
      5. Countriesv
      6. Signatures and Logos
      7. PDF scaling

      Testing Approach

    • Testimonials

      “I have taken workday online training here and it’s really proved helpful. The overall training structure and quality is satisfactory” - Linit Joy
      “Being an HR it’s a must tool to work upon, the institute and faculty provided great support.” - Ram Kumar
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