UNIX Shell Programming Online Training

UNIX Shell Programming Online Training

    • Course Duration

      This course requires 25 hours of training with two convenient options (weekday or weekend sessions)

      Training Materials

      1. Training material is made to be as comprehensive, illustrative and simple as it can be. Our quality course material is designed precisely by some of the top IT Industry specialists
      2. Ability to record classes and review them after the session if needed24*7 access to the complete reference material
      3. Instant access to full training course material which also includes instructor’s own reference material
      4. Trainings are conducted real time by expert instructor in their respective fields
      5. Offers hands on experience on advanced technology and tools

      What’s Needed To Join This Course?

      Candidates who want to do this course should have basic knowledge of the UNIX is essential.

      Who Are Ideal Candidates?

      UNIX Shell programming online training course is ideal for graduates and non- IT professionals who have basic knowledge on UNIX environment.

      Course Info

      UNIX Shell programming is designed to efficiently run by UNIX shell, and a command line interpreter. This UNIX Shell Programming online course upgrades the real time analytic knowledge and skills of the student on the understanding of Linux environment on which Shell Scripting is built. Online trainings provides student to learn shell scripting commands written in a real time Linux environment. Topics included in this training are Introduction to Kernel, Variables, Input | Output, FILTERS, Flow Control, Loops, Parameters, Functions, Debugging, Binary files etc.


      UNIX Shell Programming online course is precisely designed to transform every learner into a proficient professional who can efficiently deliver wide range of IT services and solutions. Some of our outstanding features include:

      1. Customized one-on-one courses to meet the specific needs efficiently
      2. State of the art web-conferencing technology to help organize online trainings in an effective manner
      3. 100 % job placement assistance on successful completion of the training
      4. Affordable fee structure
    • Unix Shell Programming Online Training


      1. The UNIX Shell The Bourne
      2. Korn & C Shells UNIX Shell Scripts


      1. Commands, ls
      2. Redirection, Pipes, Find, Grep, Sort

      UNIX Shell Features

      1. Invoking a Shell
      2. Command line expansion
      3. Command Arguments
      4. Meta-characters
      5. Quotation marks
      6. Redirection
      7. File descriptors
      8. Here documents, Redirection, Pipes, Tee
      9. Defining Exporting and Environment variables
      10. Command grouping
      11. Conditional execution

      Basic Shell Scripts

      1. Positional and Automatic Parameters Set
      2. Reading input
      3. Writing to standard output
      4. Display attributes
      5. Interactive Shell scripts

      Bourne & Korn Shell Programming

      1. If statement
      2. While statement
      3. Case statement
      4. Test command
      5. For statement
      6. Break statement
      7. Continue statement
      8. Tests on numeric values
      9. String comparisons
      10. Command exit status
      11. Logical operators
      12. Error handling
      13. Arithmetic

      Korn Shell Extensions

      1. Extensions
      2. Command substitution
      3. Arithmetic expressions
      4. Valid arithmetic operators
      5. Variable attributes
      6. Typeset, Built-in variables
      7. Select command
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