SQL Server Tuning Online Training

SQL Server Tuning Online Training

    • Course Duration

      This course requires 25 hours of training with two convenient options (weekday or weekend sessions)

      Training Materials

      1. Provides ample work opportunity on real time SQL Server projects
      2. Training material comprises of comprehensive and quality course material designed by expert database professionals for each sub module
      3. Recorded sessions saves you from missing your lectures
      4. Facility for live session practice
      5. 24*7 access to the complete reference material
      6. Provides hands on experience on latest technology and tools

      What’s Needed To Join This Course?

      You need to be a person with an in-depth working knowledge of SQL Server, most preferably a Software professional or DBA can pursue this course.

      Who Are Ideal Candidates?

      SQL Server Tuning online training course is a professional level course which is intended for Software developers and Database Administrators who wish to hone their skills


      Course Info

      SQL Server Tuning online training course takes a systematic and well organized approach towards planning, analyzing, debugging and troubleshooting various common query-related performance issues. This includes an introduction to execution plans inside SQL Server.


      Our institute has been recognized as the most reputed training institutes in SQL Server Tuning online training. You would greatly benefit with quality lectures and implementation methods that helps to develop the out of the box thinking in a candidate. Some of our outstanding features include:

      1. Daily mock interviews and group discussion sessions
      2. Besides quality theoretical lectures, you also get plenty of practical exposure on advanced tools and technologies used in companies
      3. Offers certification on the successful completion of the course
      4. 100 % job placement assistance after successful completion of the course
      5. Affordable fee structure for the complete training course
    • SQL Server Performance & Tuning Course Content

      Performance & Tuning

      1. Sizing & Planning
      2. Monitoring Performance
      3. Analyzing Performance Data
      4. Tuning & Optimising Performance

      SQL Server Internals

      1. Windows & SQL Server Architecture
      2. Process & Thread management
      3. Memory Use & Management
      4. I/O Management
      5. Networking

      SQL Server Architecture

      1. Data Storage
      2. Transaction Logging
      3. Locking
      4. Indexing
      5. OLTP databases
      6. Data Warehouses

      Planning A SQL Server Database Application

      1. Capacity Planning
      2. Sizing Databases
      3. Sizing Servers

      System Performance & Tuning

      1. Hardware Resource Tuning
      2. I/O Performance
      3. Database Layout
      4. SQL Server Configuration Options

      Monitoring Tools

      1. Performance Monitor
      2. SQL Profiler
      3. DBCC

      Optimal Database Design

      1. Database Design
      2. Table Design
      3. Indexes
      4. OLTP databases
      5. Data Warehouses

      Index Optimisation

      1. Index Types
      2. Covering Indexes
      3. Index Strategies


      1. Lock Types
      2. Locking & Granularity
      3. Blocking
      4. Locking & Transactions
      5. Transaction Isolation Levels
      6. Transaction Design
      7. Analysing Locks

      Query Optimisation

      1. Query Optimiser
      2. Recompilation
      3. Query Cache
      4. Query Types
      5. Range
      6. Ordering
      7. Grouping
      8. Table joins & Join Algorithms

      Analyzing Queries

      1. Query Analyser & Execution Plans
      2. SHOWPLAN
      3. Graphical
      4. Index Statistics
      5. Index Tuning Wizard

      Tuning SQL Statements

      1. Comparing Queries
      2. Avoiding Subqueries
      3. Table Hints

      Database Application Tuning

      1. Using Stored Procedures & User Defined Functions
      3. Partitioning Data
      4. Derived Data
      5. Minimising Redundant Data With Triggers
      6. Optimising Transactions
      7. Optimising Cursors

      Tuning SQL Server Services & Tasks

      1. Replication Services
      2. DTS Packages
      3. Backup & Recovery
    • “I had the best learning experience at this training institute. The comprehensive training material and advanced knowledge delivery tools made knowledge gathering easy and interesting” – Prajakta Shahane
      “Being from a non IT field, this online training course has provided me plenty of practical exposure of software that helped me learn the complexities and intricacies of software in an easy manner”- Ankit Gehlot
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