SAP XI Online Training

SAP XI Online Training

    • Course Duration

      The course comprises of 35 teaching hours in flexible batches

      Training Materials

      Upon joining the trainees will receive a complete package that includes the following:

      1. Module wise study material
      2. Easy 24*7 access to online portal
      3. Recorded videos of training sessions for future reference
      4. Online documents and slides for course certification

      What’s Needed To Join This Course?

      1. Trainees should have basic SAP, SAP Netweaver and Integration knowledge

      Who Are Ideal Candidates?

      SAP consultants, Integration professionals and enthusiastic students who are willing to learn to build their own integration using SAP XI process integration.

      Course Info

      This course explains the concepts of XI/PI, SLD (System landscape), Integration Repository, Integration Directory, ccBPM, Proxies. It also covers SAP Netweaver and SAP file integration using Java Applications. Entire course will be delivered and assessment will be carried out online and on time to successfully complete the course.

      Highlights Of The Course

      1. Each topic is covered with real time solutions
      2. Taught by highly qualified SAP professionals
      3. Case studies and real time scenarios
      4. Recorded sessions to play later
      5. Online reference materials for further study and course certification

      Why Our Institute

      Our institute believes in providing the best and up-to-date training to our students with anaim to produce industry ready SAP professionals. The study materials are regularly scrutinized by our faculty members and the materials are regularly updated. Our institute provides assistance to students for their tests, certifications, interviews for placements after their successful completion of the course. Some of our outstanding features are:

      1. In-depth course material with real time scenarios
      2. Expert SAP professionals and lecturers with hands-on experience in SAP tools
      3. Reasonable fee structure and easy payment options
    • SAP XI Online Training

      Module I

      1. Introduction to integration
      2. Introduction to EAL-B2B and B2c
      3. Overview Of EAT

      Module II

      1. Introduction to SAP Net Weaver
      2. People integration
      3. Introduction to Integration
      4. Process Integration
      5. Information Integration
      6. Modules in SAP NetWeaver

      Module III

      1. Components in SAP XI
      2. Design Time Components
      3. Administrative and monitoring components
      4. Runtime Components
      5. Architecture of XI

      Module IV

      1. Archating Products
      2. Technical System
      3. Business System
      4. Software Components
      5. Usage dependencies

      Module V

      1. Integration Repository
      2. Configuring mapping objects
      3. Interface mapping
      4. Message mapping
      5. Configuring interface objects
      6. Defining Message interfaces
      7. Architecture

      Module VI

      1. Integration Directors
      2. Creation’s Logical Routing
      3. Agreements
      4. Architecture
      5. Creating configuring collaboration
      6. Configuring collaboration profiles

      Module VII

      1. Adapter communication
      2. File
      3. JMS
      4. JDBC
      5. SOAP
      6. RFC
      7. IDOC
      8. ABAP PROXY
      9. Proxy communication
      10. Java Proxy sever Administration

      Module VIII

      1. Business processed Management
      2. Message steps Receive send Transformation
      3. BPM Scenarios
      4. Designing integration process
      5. Workflow steps
      6. Flow steps (Switch Fork Block Control.)

      Module IX

      1. Integration Scenarios
      2. File to DOC
      3. ABAP proxy to IDoc
      4. File to RFC
      5. File to file
      6. BPM Scenarios (2)

      Module X

      1. Runtime Work bench
      2. End -to-End Monitoring
      3. Cache Monitoring
      4. Components monitoring
      5. Performance Monitoring
      6. Message monitoring
    • Testimonials

      “The teaching style and the slides are so beautifully designed that I always felt like I am learning in a physical classroom.” - Natasha De
      “The institute has not left any stone unturned to provide the best training to the students. Great course contents.” - Shweta Jain
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