SAP Online Training

SAP SD Online Training

    • Course Duration

      32 hours of live and interactive training by industry professionals

      Training Materials

      1. Intelligently tailored precise SAP SD study material
      2. Expert video lectures recording to play later
      3. Instant access to reference source and e-books
      4. Course certification guidelines and interview Q&As

      What’s Needed To Join This Course?

      The participants need not be expert in any particular field. However, having basic knowledge of SAP will help you follow the course easily.

      Who Are Ideal Candidates?

      Any freshers/professionals wishing to step into corporate world as SAP consultants can join this training.

      Course Info

      SAP sales and distribution is especially for managing and monitoring data in business process of selling, shipping and billing. Our module trains you in various aspects of SAP SD like creating customer master and material data, overview of sales activities, sales documents, material exclusion and inclusion along with corporate specific real project, interview and query sessions.

      Highlights Of The Course

      1. All modules are covered both theoretically and practically on time
      2. Interactive hands-on sessions with live examples and exposure to real projects
      3. Personal doubt clearing sessions and advance assessments
      4. On the go live classes and expert alumni lectures


      1. Customized training packages/crash courses if required
      2. Interactive sessions with real time scenarios
      3. Talented marketing team for placement assistance
      4. Convenient weekend classes
      5. Affordable fee structure
      6. Course certification and interview assistance is provided
    • Introduction

      • ERP Business Scenario.
      • ERP Products.
      • Job opportunities for SAP professionals.
      • SAP Functional Modules.
      • SAP IS (Industry Solutions).
      • IDES.
      • SAP Easy Access and IMG.
      • SD – MM – PP – FICO Integration areas.
      • ASAP Methodology.
      • System Landscape.
      • CIN (country version India) – SAP Release 4.7 Enterprise Edition.
      • BPR (Business Process ReEngg).

      Enterprise Structure

      Client, Company, Company code, Credit Control Area, Business Area.

      • Sales Organization, Distribution Channel, Division –Sales Area.
      • Sales Office, Sales group, Sales Person.
      • Plant, Storage Location, Lean Warehouse Management.
      • Shipping Point, Loading Point, Transportation Planning Point.
      • Unloading Point, Receiving Point, Department.

      Business Processes


      • Quotation.
      • Standard Order.
      • Delivery.
      • Billing.
      • Incoming Payments.

      Special SD Business Processes

      Cash Sales.

      • Rush Order.
      • Free Of Charge Deliveries.
      • Free Of Charge Subsequent Deliveries.
      • Third Party Order.
      • Individual Purchase Order.
      • Contracts.
      • Scheduling Agreements.
      • Consignment Stock Process.
      • Inter – Company Sales Processing.
      • Returnable Packaging.
      • Returns.
      • Credit Memo/ Debit Memo.
      • Invoice Correction Request.
      • Make- to- Order.
      • Project Systems.

      Master Data

      Customer Master Data.

      • Material Master Data.
      • Customer Material Information Record.
      • Item Proposal.
      • BOMS (Bills of Materials: Single and Multiple-Level).
      • Conditions (Pricing /Discounts/Freight/Taxes etc).
      • Common Distribution Channels/Common Divisions.

      Basic Functions

      Condition Technique.

      • Pricing with Scales.
      • Free Goods (Inclusive & Exclusive types).
      • Material Determination.
      • Material Listing /Exclusion.
      • Dynamic Product Proposal.
      • Cross Selling.
      • Partner Determination.
      • Account Determination.
      • Output Determination.
      • TEXT Determination.
      • Credit Management / Risk Management.
      • Availability Check and TOR.
      • In completion Log.


      Sales Document Header.

      • Sales Document Item.
      • Schedule Line Categories.
      • Sales Summary.
      • Copy Control.
      • Back order Processing.
      • Re-Scheduling.


      Shipping Doc types.

      • Item Category.
      • Picking / Packing.
      • PGI (Post Goods Issue).
      • Incoterms.


      Billing Document Types.

      • Billing Plans (Periodic Billing / Milestone Billing).
      • Rebate Processing.

      Sales Information System (SIS)

      • Info structures.
      • Standard Analyses.
      • Flexible Analyses.

      Credit Management

      Transfer of requirements (TOR).

      • Availability Check.
      • Shipping and Transportation.
      • Batch Management.
      • Rebates.
      • Variant Configuration with Pricing.

      Integration on


      • SD-PP.
      • SD- FICO.

      Technical Knowledge


      • IDOC.
      • Tables.

      Additional Topics

      SD Evaluation Test.

      • General Discussion related to SAP SD interview.

      Experiences from Implementations (Case Studies/Project)

    • ““Good presentation with detailed explanation.”- Raju
      “Really a good start for beginners.”- Hari Kumar
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