SAP SCM Online Trainings


SAP SCM Online Training

    • Course Duration

      45 - 50 hours of intensive online training as per student’s convenience

      Training Materials

      Following materials/facilities will be provided as a part of course curriculum

      1. Exclusive course material along with assignments
      2. High quality interactive video modules and presentation
      3. Access to recorded sessions
      4. Case studies for better practical knowledge

      What’s Needed To Join This Course?

      A candidate must have knowledge of Supply Chain Management and a minimum of graduate degree to enroll for this course.

      Who Are Ideal Candidates?

      A candidate looking for a career in supply chain and operations can opt for this course. The course provides valuable insights on supply and demand changes. It helps to improve relations between manufacturers, suppliers and customers.

      Course Info

      The course starts with basic introduction on the subjects and has practical tests after each module. The course helps to analyze and optimize performance, resources and inventories in an organization. The multiple components such as There are Integrated Sales and Operations Planning, Supply Chain Analytics, Transportation Management, etc. are also covered in this course

      Highlights Of The Course

      1. Experienced SAP trainers
      2. Flexible time as per the convenience
      3. 24x7 on demand access to recorded videos and sessions
      4. Expert guidance on interviews and tests
      5. Certificate oriented training program


      1. Simple and intuitive method of teaching
      2. Highly qualified and experienced instructors
      3. Live examples and case studies
      4. Career counseling after course
      5. Assistance in resume preparation and job placement
    • SAP SCM Online Training

      Unit 1: Concept and Objectives

      1. What do we mean by Supply Chain Management?
      2. Logistics through the ages.
      3. Different views on the supply chain.
      4. What is new within about Supply Chain.
      5. Defining the position of Supply Chain Management.
      6. Supply Chain Management: A vision.
      7. Elements of Supply Chain Management.
      8. Objectives and Opportunities.
      9. Objectives.
      10. Opportunities.

      Unit 2: Systems and Architectures

      1. IT-Based Approaches.
      2. Principles of ERP.
      3. Supply Chain Planning Tools.
      4. Customer Relationship Management.
      5. System architectures.
      6. Internet Basics.
      7. Applications.
      8. SCM Tools offered by SAP.
      9. Sales Force Automation (SFA).
      10. Business Information Warehouse (BW).
      11. Advanced Planning and Optimization (APO).
      12. APO in Business Processes.
      13. Demand planning.
      14. Supply Network Planning and PP-DS.
      15. Supply Chain Cockpit.

      Unit 3: Supply Chain Projects

      1. Industries and Supply Chain Management.
      2. Perspectives.
      3. Methodical Approaches.
      4. Procedures.
      5. Performance Measurement.
      6. Benchmarking.
      7. Specific Industries.
      8. Hi-Tech and Electronics
      9. Automotive Industry.
      10. Consumer Goods and Commerce.
      11. Logistics Services.
      12. SCM – a Case History of Success
    • Testimonials

      “The course provides extensive knowledge and insights on supply chain management. The course is apt for anyone looking for a great career in a supply and operations” – NiravTandon
      “The course is very informative and is in great demand world wide” – Amit Nair
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