• Course Duration

      30 hours of comprehensive training

      Training Materials

      1. Easy to understand study material for each chapter
      2. Instant access to reference materials
      3. Video recording of teaching sessions for future reference
      4. Presentation slides and guidebook for course certification

      What’s Needed To Join This Course?

      1. Students must have basic knowledge of operating systems and HTML
      2. Basic knowledge of SAP applications and basic programming languages like C, C++ would be helpful

      Who Are Ideal Candidates?

      SAP professionals, system engineers and enthusiastic learners who are willing to learn development of applications in an SAP system.

      Course Info

      This thoughtfully designed course content gives you brief introduction to Netweaver installation and administration, users, roles, portal content, portal content directory (PCD), iViews and pages worksets. It also introduces you to delta-links, portal apps and PRT definition and PAR file format deployment descriptor, portal API, HTML DynPage model events, working with DB connectors, major roles in SAP EP, EP versions and configuring EP gateway to connect to SAP.

      Highlights Of The Course

      1. Certified and experienced trainers
      2. Real time case studies and demos
      3. Quizzes and assessments
      4. Business process management overview in a nutshell
      5. Practical tricks, tips and best practices


      1. Best in class teaching style with focus on practical approach of implementation
      2. Expert SAP professionals and lecturers with SAP background
      3. One-to-one interaction with trainers
      4. Placement assistance after successful completion of the course
    • Introduction

      1. NetWeaver Architecture
      2. Installation

      Portal User Experience

      1. Navigation
      2. Personalization
      3. Navigator View
      4. WYSWAS

      Portal Administration

      1. Concept -> Reality
      2. Content Admin
      3. User Admin
      4. Users, Roles, Groups

      Portal Content

      1. Portal Content Directory (PCD)
      2. iViews
      3. Pages
      4. Worksets
      5. Roles
      6. Users
      7. Delta-links
      8. GD

      Portal Runtime & Portal Apps

      1. PRT Definition
      2. Portal Components
      3. PAR File Format
      4. Deployment Descriptor
      5. GD

      Portal Runtime & Portal Apps

      1. Introduction to Portal API
      2. Introduction to HTMLB
      3. DynPage Model
      4. Events
      5. GD*

      Session 2

      1. Portal Runtime & Portal Apps
      2. Introduction to Beans
      3. GD*
      4. JSPDynpage

      HTMLB in JSP

      1. iP Forms
      2. iP Compilation
      3. Element IDs
      4. GD*
      5. Portal Runtime & Portal Apps

      Client Events

      1. Eventing Framework ¡V EPCF
      2. Raising and Subscribing to events
      3. GD*
      4. Server Events
      5. GD*

      Session 3

      1. DB Connectors
      2. Configuring Connectors
      3. GD*
      4. Visual Composer
      5. GD*
      6. Webservices overview for VC
      7. Introduction to WebDynpro programming model.
      8. GD*
      9. WebDynpro Contexts.
      10. Context Mapping ¡V External & Internal.
      11. GD*

      Session 4

      1. Configuring EP Gateway to connect to SAP.
      2. Configuring SAP connectors.
      3. Adaptive RFC.
      4. GD*
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      “A soup-to-nuts solution for students. It serves as a powerful online medium to take courses, tests, tutorials, and live classes”. - RuchiDeshmukh
      “Excellent Training, loved the whole experience.” - Anil Sharma
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