Sap IS Oil and Gas

Sap IS Oil and Gas

    • Course Duration

      Course is of 35 hours with flexible timings and batch slots

      Training Materials

      1. Quality content study materials for each sub module
      2. Instant access to reference material
      3. Video recording sessions to play later
      4. PowerPoint course slides and guidebook for course certification

      What’s Needed To Join This Course?

      1. Participant must have basic knowledge in crude oil and concepts of SAP. Beginners with basic programming and database knowledge can also pursue this course.

      Who Are Ideal Candidates?

      Enthusiastic learners who are willing to work or working in oil and gas industry and looking for value added integrated software solution.

      Course Info

      Our training format for SAP Oil and Gas is tailored to meet specific requirements of companies active in petroleum industry. The precisely designed course content gives you brief introduction to downstream, retailing and production, thereafter covering master data settings, oil and gas upstream, production and revenue accounting overview, joint venture accounting and CAD integration settings.

      Highlights Of The Course

      1. High resolution live/virtual industry expert-led classes
      2. Case studies and real time scenarios
      3. Oil industry business overview in nutshell
      4. Complete set of essential documents and life time access to course recordings

      Why Our Institute:

      When it comes to software training, our institute not only delivers quality lectures on the subject but also covers various industry dimensions – like technical skills, creative techniques, business strategies and personality grooming to make our student ready for the job. Some of our outstanding features include:

      1. Best in class teaching style with focus on practical approach of implementation
      2. Expert lectures by professionals in the oil and gas industries
      3. Affordable fee structure and career guidance
      4. Placement assistance after successful completing of the course
    • SAP is oil and gas Online Training

      1. Introduction to Downstream
      2. TWS Overview
      3. Service Retailing
      4. Production
      5. Upstream Graphics


      1. Basic Settings
      2. Master Data Creation


      PRA – Production and Revenue Accounting overview and its graphical user Introduction

      1. Ownership
      2. Upstream Graphics
      3. Production
      4. Measurement System
      5. Contractual Allocation
      6. Product Control
      7. Valuation
      8. Check Input
      9. Payment Processing
      10. Check Write
      11. Accounts Receivable
      12. Journal Entry
      13. Contracts and Pricing
      14. Tax Reporting

      Production sharing Accounts

      1. Set-up & Master Data
      2. Configuration
      3. Master Data Assignments
      4. Planning
      5. PSA Periodic Processing

      Joint venture Accounting

      1. Accounting Principles
      2. Master Data
      3. Integration
      4. Day-to-Day Processes
      5. Data Entry
      6. Operated Accounting
      7. Reporting


      1. Basic Customizing Settings for RLM
      2. Supply Chain
      3. RLM Goods Receipt
      4. RLM Shipping
      5. Holding
      6. Returns
      7. Material Tracking in RLM


      1. Integration of SAP Oil & Gas with SAP CRM
      2. HPM – Liquid and Gaseous Hydrocarbon Product Management
      3. TDP – Tariffs, Duties and Permits
      4. Exchanges
      5. Transportation and Distribution
      6. Marketing, Accounting and Pricing
      7. Service Station Retailing


      1. Notifications of GIS Mapping
      2. R/3 or BI integration with GIS
      3. Assets & Operations concepts
      4. GIS Perfornace -BO
    • Testimonials

      “Excellent training with practical examples for each exercise. It is was very helpful for me”. – Prachi Shah
      “Extremely satisfied with the training. The communication was excellent. Did not face any major problems in any of the sessions”- UdayJoglekar
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