• Course Duration

      40 hours of live training by faculty with 6+ years of real time experience

      Training Materials

      Following materials/facilities will be provided as a part of course curriculum

      1. Remote server access at no extra cost
      2. Study material provided in the form of pdf, ppt and doc.
      3. 24*7 availability of faculty to clarify doubts on the subject

      What’s Needed To Join This Course?

      The participant willing to join this course need to have basic knowledge of SQL and with basic knowledge of SAP modules

      Who Are Ideal Candidates?

      Any interested professional or fresher with basic knowledge of SQL can gain enough from this field by joining this course. SAP OLAP experts and technical consultants can experience great appraisal by joining this course.

      Course Info

      SAP for utilities is basically designed to cater the needs of meter management, billing, accounting and reporting in complex business process. Our 40 hours of training includes business process in SAP, Data and Device management, energy and real time pricing, we tend to cover every dimension that prepares you to begin anything with SAP utilities.

      Highlights Of The Course

      1. Real time instructor led live online training
      2. SAP server access
      3. Apply filter on the table
      4. Drill down operation


      1. Customized training packages/crash courses if required
      2. Interactive sessions with real time scenarios
      3. Talented marketing team for placement assistance
      4. Convenient weekend classes
    • SAP IS Utilities Online Training

      SAP ISU Introduction

      1. SAP IS-Utilities/CCS overview
      2. Scope of Regulated and Deregulated Market for ISU
      3. Recognize how SAP ISU integrated in the R/3 Environment
      4. Functional scope of the ISU system
      5. Basic Master Data/Basic Functions
      6. Business Master Data
      7. Technical master Data
      8. Schedule Master Data
      9. Device Master Data
      10. Concept of Move-in/out process
      11. Overview of Customer Interaction Centre
      12. Overview of Contract account Receivables and payables
      13. Overview of Device Management Module
      14. Explanation of Business scenarios in ISU

      Billing & Invoicing Module

      1. Master Data and functions relevant to Billing
      2. How rates and prices are mapped in the ISU system
      3. Configuration of Rate Structure/Tariff Design
      4. Configuration of Schema development and Rate determination process
      5. Configure customizing settings for billing & invoicing Process
      6. Discounts / surcharges
      7. Meter reading order creation and consumption entry results process
      8. Explanation of Different billing cycles like Manual billing, Interim billing,Periodic billing and final billing
      9. Bill Print out functions

      Billing & Invoicing Integration with DM & FICA module

    • “Very good content, with faculties of great knowledge sources, training by whom made my knowledge grow to a perfection level.”- Jatin
      “Trainers with great patience and well planned sessions make this institute the best among all other institutes I had training from.”- Ruchi
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