SAP HR ABAP Online Training

SAP HR ABAP Online Training

    • Course Duration

      The interactive sessions of 30 hours provide students the flexibility to take up the course at their suitable timings

      Training Materials

      1. E-learning modules provided
      2. Online teaching materials for practice tests
      3. Handouts for all concepts covered
      4. Lifetime access to study material

      What’s Needed To Join This Course?

      1. Basic knowledge in programming and some experience with SAP tools is more than enough to understood and complete training efficiently from our institute.

      Who Are Ideal Candidates?

      The training serves efficiently the people who are willing to start their career in HR domain. The active professional HR aspirants equally get benefitted and excel in the field of human resource after completing SAP HR ABAP course.

      Course Info

      SAP ABAP is an advanced organization tool that helps HRs to effectively retrieve, manage and monitor their employees’ data through infotypes, project, structural authorization along with time management and reporting solutions. The course module is designed to get you familiar with all human resource essentials, exposing to HR functionality, logical database, macros, reporting modules and creation of infotypes and SAP query.

      Highlights Of The Course

      1. Training by experienced industry experts
      2. Practice tests and sessions held on regular basis
      3. Materials covering all the concepts covered during training


      1. E-learning based modules
      2. Practice tests and exercises by the experts
      3. Reasonable fee structure
      4. Job assistance on successful completion of the course
    • SAP HR ABAP Online Training

      Introduction to HR Module

      1. Introduction to Organizational Structure
      2. Differences between ABAP & HR-ABAP

      Logical Databases (LDBs)

      1. Creating the Logical Databases
      2. LDB Events
      3. Analyze Standard LDBs

      Introduction & Maintain the Master Data

      1. Infotypes
      2. Definition of Infotype
      3. Creating a new Infotypes
      4. Enhancing the Standard Infotypes
    • Testimonials

      “Added a new dimension to the human resources profile and instilling satisfaction to working professionals like me”. – Tunic David
      “Very happy to enroll for this extremely insightful training.New tech-savvy HR professionals in the making.”- AshishKhanna
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