• Course Duration

      Course is of 35 teaching hours with flexible batch timings

      Training Materials

      Upon enrollment, the trainees will avail the below study materials to successfully complete the course

      1. Complete study materials for all chapters
      2. Easy access to reference materials
      3. Recorded videos of training sessions for reference
      4. Documents and journals for course certification

      What’s Needed To Join This Course?

      1. Trainees must have basic knowledge of Java and SAP technologies

      Who Are Ideal Candidates?

      Aspiring job seekers and enthusiastic students who are willing to work in the field of SAP can take up this course

      Course Info

      The main objective of SAP EP JAVA WebDynpro is to create and implement a UI using views and windows and develop a Basic WebDynpro application that interacts with a business backend system via ABAP Function Modules. The course covers object oriented ABAP, overview of Web Dynpro, Webdynpro view, Controller components and Webdynpro applications. It also demonstrates Webdynpro Trace tools in ABAP workbench and abstract UI interface elements. Entire course will be delivered and assessment will be carried out online and on time to successfully complete the course.

      Highlights Of The Course

      1. Customized course agenda and practical/live examples
      2. Working with development, testing, support Environments, ESS and MSS Configuration
      3. SAP ABAP overview in a nutshell
      4. Quick tips and tricks
      5. Online reference materials for further study


      Our institute has always been on top in terms of delivering quality training on SAP technology courses. Besides honing the technical skills, we help the students in grooming their soft skills to make them industry ready professionals. Our outstanding features include:

      1. Best in the industry training materials with real-time examples
      2. Real time project analysis and working with dummy EP projects
      3. Expert SAP professionals and lecturers with hands-on experience in SAP tools
      4. Modest fee structure and career guidance
      5. Post completion of the course, assistance to students for certification and job placement
    • SAP EP Java Webdynpro Online Training

      Portal components : Ivew , Page, Work set, Role and their types, PCD, Capture, Scroll Components Properties

      User management Engine: User creation, Roles Assignment, Locking, Groups, Import/export, Modifying UME properties

      Portal desktop: Themes,Default Framework,Rules &collections,Portal work list,Portal activity Monitoring, Permissions, log Files, Netweaver Administration, Business Packages importing & exporting , Ess & Mss


      1. connecting from portal to SAP, Logon Ticket, Connecting from Portal to NON SAP, Permissions, Object locking, monitoring
      2. Knowledge management: Public Document, Permissions, subscription, KM Application Features
      3. NWDS induction and Configuration with portal server, Creating WebDynPro preview in portal server
      4. Java WebDynPro Architecture & Features, Samples Application
      5. Communication between pages using out and input Bounds
      6. Using multiple Bonds, Context Mapping and Data Binding, Arithmetic Operation Application
      7. Structures, initializing the record, apply template
      8. Displaying data in table format using nodes
      9. Modifying UI elements at runtime, Debugging
      10. Log files & error Handling Composite UI Elements
      11. Internationalization (118N) for multi language support
      12. Simple Value Selector, extended Value selector, OVS
      13. Passing parameter, Dynamic Tex Creation, images
      14. Interface controller, mode! Types
      15. Visual admin, system Landscape, JCo Connections creation, SAP server properties
      16. Connecting to SAP server using RFC, working with sample Application
      17. Working with RFC’s in WebDynPro
      18. Working with API and Trex
      19. Project overview, development components, NWDI administration and configuration
      20. Tracks creation in portal server, working with NWDI server
      21. PDK introduction, uploading par files to portal server, importing and exporting par files page processor
      22. PBO & PAI Architecture, JSPDynPage, HTMLB Jar Files, Taglib Directory
      23. Portal Context, PDK JSPDynPage, Using beans
      24. Creating new layout using web page Composer, CSS and XML
      25. JAVA CONNECTOR (JCo), Java Connection Architecture(JCA)

      ABAP WebDynPro

      1. ABAP WebDynPro introduction, sample Applications
      2. Adobe forms, CAF, Guided Procedures
      3. Working with development, testing, support Environments, ESS and MSS Configuration
    • Testimonials

      “This is the second online training I have taken after SAP ABAP. Completely satisfied with the entire training process”. - Rohit Raj
      “Interactive teaching style, QA sessions at the end of modules helped me a lot to complete the course.” - Ayesha Nath
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