• Course Duration

      35 hours of interactive online sessions as per students’ convenience

      Training Materials

      Following materials/facilities will be provided as part of the course curriculum

      1. Systematic and in-depth course modules
      2. High quality interactive videos
      3. Detailed presentation slides for better understanding
      4. Access to recorded sessions
      5. Case studies and live assignments for better practical knowledge

      What’s Needed To Join This Course?

      A candidate must have fundamental knowledge of SAP and should be well versed with basic concepts and systems.

      Who Are Ideal Candidates?

      A candidate looking for a career as a project manager, System Administrator, System Architect, Technology consultant, etc. can enroll for this course. The SAP EP trained professionals will use user authentication, the management of user login ticket, the roles assignation, and offering approval for access and authentication.

      Course Info

      SAP EP is a web based application gaining fast popularity in organizations globally. The curriculum is designed by domain experts and helps students get proper knowledge of the subject.EP revolves around the user, presenting them with an environment created exclusively for collating data from various sources on one platform.

      Highlights Of The Course

      1. Customized course structure with real time scenarios
      2. Highly qualified SAP trainers
      3. Flexible time as per the convenience of the student
      4. 24x7 on demand access to recorded videos and sessions
      5. Expert guidance on interviews and tests
      6. Certificate oriented training program


      Our institute offers courses which are in line with requirements in the industry and are designed by the industry professionals. The trainers are experienced and certified professional SAP experts. The curriculum designed is customized and provides in-depth knowledge on the subject.

      1. Simple and intuitive method of teaching
      2. Highly qualified and well experienced instructors
      3. Live examples and case studies
      4. Assistance in resume preparation and job placement
    • Module 1: Overview

      1. Brief overview of SAP
      2. Overview of SAP Netweaver and EP
      3. Motivation for Portals and need for SAP EP

      Module 2: Technical Infrastructure

      1. Info Objects.
      2. Data store objects (all three types).
      3. Infocubes and Virtual Providers.
      4. Multiproviders and Infosets.

      Enterprise Data Warehousing – ETL

      1. SAP Enterprise Portal installation
      2. SAP NW Architecture
      3. Portal Framework, Portal Runtime, Portal Services.
      4. Building Blocks of SAP EP.
      5. SAP Enterprise Portal Architecture

      Module 3: End user Perspective

      1. Portal Login and Navigation
      2. Portal Interface
      3. Users, Roles and Groups.
      4. Super Administration, User Administration, Content Administration
      5. Portal Personalization

      Module 4: User Management

      1. Overview and Architecture
      2. User Management Engine.
      3. User Management Tools

      Module 5: Portal Security

      1. Security Concepts
      2. Introduction to Authentication
      3. Single Sign On
      4. Network Security

      Module 6: Portal Platform Content

      1. Content Object Model
      2. Portal Content
      3. Portal Content Catalog
      4. Portal Content Studio
      5. object relations: Delta Links and copies
      6. Working with iViews and Pages
      7. Working with Worksets and Roles
      8. Delegated Content Administration
      9. Introduction to business packages
      10. Design Changes and Branding

      Module 7: Connectors

      1. Portal Landscape
      2. SAP Java Connector
      3. Configuring of Java connector (JCO)
      4. Integrating SAP systems

      Module 8: Knowledge Management & Collaboration

      1. Understanding Knowledge Management
      2. Content Management (CM)
      3. Search and Classification (TREX)
      4. Collaboration & Unification Overview
      5. Collaboration Rooms (CR)
      6. Real Time collaboration
      7. EP Development Contents

      Module 9: SAP Java development environment

      1. Sap Net Weaver developer studio
      2. SAP Component Model

      Module 10: Web dynpro Introduction

      1. Introduction to Web Dynpro Architecture
      2. Web dynpro Tools
      3. MVC-the roots of Web dynpro
      4. Life cycle of web dynpro

      Module 11: The context structure at Design time

      1. Types of nodes
      2. The structure of context
      3. Context mapping
      4. Internal mapping
      5. External mapping

      Module 12: The context structure at runtime

      1. The typed context API
      2. The Generic Context API

      Module 13:Introduction of UI elements

      1. Putting data on Screen: Context binding
      2. Controlling the behavior of UI Elements using the context binding
      3. Using basic composite UI Element

      Module 14: Generic UI Services

      1. Types of value help
      2. Defining static Simple type containing value set
      3. Simple value selector
      4. Populating DDK UI Element
      5. Extended value selector: Value help for using larger value sets.
      6. Dynamic type modification: Modifying the value attribute’s data type programmatically

      Module 15: Dynamic UI generation

      1. Introduction
      2. Modification of the context & UI elements at runtime
      3. The use of dynamic actions

      Module 16: The Adaptive RFC Layer

      1. Remote invocation of ABAP functionality
      2. The creation and management of Adaptive RFC model objects
      3. The management use of adaptive RFC Model Objects.

      Module 17: Overview of Interactive Forms

      1. Prerequisites
      2. Introduction to Interactive forms

      Module 18: Overview of NWDI (Net weaver development infrastructure)

      Module 19: ESS/MSS

      Module 20: Web Page Composer Overview

      1. Prerequisites
      2. Introduction to Interactive forms
    • Testimonials

      “The course provides adequate knowledge of EP with real time scenarios and case studies. The course is very helpful for any SAP enthusiast” – NitinChatim
      “Trainer was very good in explaining complex intricacies of the subject. The course curriculum is to the point and simple” – ChhayaShirodkar
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