SAP BW Online Training

SAP BW Online Training

    • Course Duration

      35 hours of live training by faculty with 7+ years of real time experience

      Training Materials

      1. Material will be provided for training and interview preparation
      2. Lifetime access to online materials
      3. Material for live case studies
      4. 24*7 faculty availability for discussions on the subject

      What’s Needed To Join This Course?

      1. The participant willing to join this course need not be expert but should have basic knowledge of SQL

      Who Are Ideal Candidates?

      Any interested professional or fresher with basic knowledge of SQL who wants to excel in this field can take up this course. SAP OLAP experts and technical consultants can join this course to achieve career success quickly.

      Course Info

      Our 35 hours of training is very well planned and streamlined. The course includes SAP architecture and application, end-to-end data warehousing, SAP BW modeling, Functionality of data store object and other fields that are essential to make you well trained in SAP BW. Separate interview, query and certification session is also covered in training format.

      Highlights Of The Course

      1. Real time instructor led live online training
      2. Practical examples and real time projects
      3. Overview of different applications of SAP BW in various business units
      4. Complete set of course material and life time access to course recordings


      1. Customized training packages/crash courses if required
      2. Talented marketing team for placement assistance
      3. Convenient weekend classes
      4. Affordable fee structure
      5. Placement assistance after successful completion of the course
    • Week 1

      1. Introduction to Data Warehousing
      2. Multidimensional Modeling
      3. BW Architecture
      4. Extended Star Schema
      5. Introduction to BW Objects and Administrative Work Bench
      6. Introduction to Characteristics and Key Figures
      7. Texts Attributes Hierarchies for Master Data
      8. Data Flow in BW( Info sources/Data Source)
      9. Introduction to different Info Providers ( Cubes/ODS etc)
      10. Loading Data to a Data Target through flat files
      11. Meta data repository.

      Week 2

      1. Extraction of data from R/3 system
      2. Concept of Delta Queue
      3. Introduction to different Delta Types in R/3
      4. Debugging Extraction and Concept of Data Source in R.3
      5. Extraction using Generic Extraction (Table/View/Info set/ FM)
      6. Extraction from FI(GL/AP)
      7. Extraction of COPA Data
      8. Logistics Data Extraction (SD/MM)
      9. Extraction Performance Tuning Techniques
      10. BW Customization

      At the end of the course you will get good expertise in below areas:

      1. Data modeling.
      2. Extraction techniques and creating data targets.
      3. BEx reporting
      4. Data scheduling with Process chains
      5. Performance tuning

      Week 3

      1. Introduction to Business Explorer
      2. Understanding Bex Browser, Bex Query Designer, Bex Web Application Server
      3. Advance Reporting/Web Reporting Techniques
      4. Introduction to Reporting Agent (Precalculation)
      5. Overview of Reporting Authorization Objects and their Usage in Security
      6. Performance Techniques for queries by using Aggregates. OLAP cache
      7. Debugging queries using RSRT Tcode
      8. Open HUB

      Week 4

      1. Introduction to Multi providers , Info set and Master Data Reporting
      2. Introduction to Process Chains for optimal data load scheduling
      3. Overview and Introduction of Metadata Repository
      4. Business Content usage and Object Version
      5. Introduction to the concept of delta for data loading process
      6. Transport Methodology
      7. Performance tuning( Aggregates , Compression etc)
      8. Real time scenarios.
    • Testimonials

      “Very good content, will provide a great insight for any beginner in SAP BW technology.”- Amariya
      “Anyone taking training from this institute can get a solid background within less time.”- Roza
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