Perl Programming Online Training

Perl Programming Online Training

    • Course Duration

      The training comprises of 8 hours of training sessions that are accommodated in convenient batches (weekday or weekend sessions)

      Training Materials

      1. Online classes are conducted by real time experienced trainers.
      2. Daily class recordings provided
      3. Complete study material will be provided for access 24* 7 a day
      4. Interview questions and answers will be covered along with course.
      5. Affordable and Flexible fee structure.
      6. 100 % Job Assistance and Guidance
      7. Individual attention will be provided with live project experience.
      8. Trainers have more than twenty years of vast working experience in online learning with top clients in the Industry on a diverse range of domains such as insurance, government, Pharmaceuticals businesses etc.

      What’s Needed To Join This Course?

      A prior exposure to C programming and Unix Shell is required to do this course.

      Who Are Ideal Candidates?

      Any candidate with or without IT background can do this course. One has to be familiar with the programming skills and UNIX shell concepts to get an in-depth understanding of this course.

      Course Info

      This training course is designed to learn about the concepts, working and application offered by Perl in detail. This course helps Perl programmers to develop robust and time efficient programs which integrate complex data types, graphical user interfaces and object-oriented technologies. The course on Perl programming language teaches how to write Perl scripts to manipulate text and numbers, make decisions, apply repetitive operations, debugging of programs, work with files and folders and advanced programming with text and numbers using Perl in a simple yet powerful way.


      Perl programming online training course at our institute is designed by software professionals with nearly fifteen years of working knowledge in some of the country's best software firms. Some of the benefits offered by our training institution are:

      1. Live chat, discussions and online collaboration features allows smooth flow of information between students, peers and trainers.
      2. Live, real-time and interactive training sessions. Non self-paced or pre-recorded sessions to give you a feel of in-person classroom training. Affordable course fee
      3. 100% job placement guarantee offered after successful completion of the training
    • Perl Programming Online Training

      Perl 5 Essential Training

      1. Perl Course Details
      2. Perl Overview
      3. PERL history
      4. Running Perl scripts
      5. Data types
      6. Basic concepts (assignment, comments Standard I/O, print)

      Scalar Data types

      1. Numbers and strings
      2. Literals and variables
      3. Numeric functions Interpolation
      4. String functions


      1. Variables
      2. Creation, Assignment and access
      3. Built in array functions

      Hashes (Associative Arrays)

      1. Variables, creation, assignment and access
      2. Hashes as arrays
      3. Build in Hash Functions


      1. Basic I/O (STDIN, STDOUT, STDERR)
      2. Files handle and file handling
      3. Error handling
      4. Directory Processing
      5. System Processing Management

      Regular expression

      1. Pattern matching
      2. Templates
      3. Wildcards and character classes
      4. Recovering previous matches
      5. Recovering previous matches

      User Defined Functions

      1. Using and creating Functions
      2. Arguments and Return values
      3. Scooping
      4. Prototypes
    • Testimonials

      “I thoroughly enjoyed the course and the flexible timings helped me do it along with my job. It was the best way to study Perl Programming. I enjoyed every minute of the interesting and knowledge-filled presentations offered in the course.” – Niharika Bisht
      “This is my first programming course online. I feel that this course was delivered at the right level and detail. The quizzes, mock interview sessions and assignments were pretty challenging but appropriate” – Suman Goyal
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