Oracle Apps Financials Online Training

Oracle Apps Financials Online Training

    • Course Duration

      25 hours of live training by professionals with 10+ years of experience

      Training Materials

      1. Access to lab servers for practical sessions
      2. Support to install related software on individual laptop
      3. Free remote access for your practice
      4. Soft copy of course and lab material

      What’s Needed To Join This Course?

      Students having basic knowledge of Oracle (SQL/ PLSQL) and want to grow in a field of database management can join this course.

      Who Are Ideal Candidates?

      Professionals and freshers with basic knowledge of Oracle database.

      Course Info

      Training is divided into 25 sessions for 1 hour each day - session 1 includes Introduction to ERP, session; 2 includes General ledger and so on. After each session our faculty will be available to assist the trainee with their problems related to the session.

      Highlights Of The Course

      1. Free remote access
      2. 24*7 expert support
      3. Overview of different applications of Oracle database courses in various industrial sectors
      4. Practical approach through case studies


      We provide quality online training by Oracle apps senior trainer with 10 + years of experience. One of our strengths is one to one online training which allows a student to complete the sessions at their own pace. The standard features of our institute include:

      1. Affordable fee structure and value driven career guidance
      2. Students gain ability to effectively implement analytical skills
      3. Overviews outlining roles and responsibilities and many more
    • Oracle Apps Financials Online Training

      Oracle Apps Financials Training Course Content

      Introduction to Oracle 11 .5.10 e Business Suite

      1. Identify the components that comprise an Oracle Application system
      2. Navigation to Oracle Applications
      3. Explain basic application integration
      4. Identify Entities that are shared between multiple applications
      5. Explain different application versions & database versions
      6. Multi Org structure and explanation of Sample Org
      7. ccounting Basics

      Oracle General Ledger

      1. The Heart of Accounting System & Overview of GL Concepts
      2. Overview of General Ledger and project requirements
      3. Configuring GL Module from scratch
      4. Defining Accounting Flexi field- Set Of Books
      5. Defining various types of Journals & Security Rules
      6. Interfaces in General Ledger Module
      7. Relationship with Other Financials Modules
      8. Standard GL reports
      9. Running Business Test Scripts for GL

      Account Payables

      1. Overview of Payables Concepts
      2. Overview of payables project requirements
      3. Configuring AP Module from scratch
      4. Creating Various types of Invoices
      5. Approving an Invoice
      6. Payables Data model
      7. Relationship with Other Financials Modules
      8. Standard AP reports
      9. Running Business Test Scripts for AP

      Account Receivables

      1. Overview of Receivables Concepts
      2. Overview of Receivables project requirements
      3. Configuring AR Module from scratch
      4. Customer setup
      5. Transactions setup
      6. Defining various types of Transactions
      7. Interfaces in Receivables
      8. Print setup & Document
      9. Relationship with Other Financials Modules
      10. Standard AR reports
      11. Running Business Test Scripts for AR

      Fixed Assets

      1. Overview of Fixed Assets Concepts
      2. Overview of Fixed Assets Concepts
      3. Overview of Fixed Assets project requirements
      4. Configuring FA Module from scratch
      5. Key and Descriptive flex fields in Oracle Assets
      6. Assets Categories & additions
      7. Interfaces in Assets
      8. Configuring FA Module
      9. Standard reports in FA
      10. Running Business Test Scripts for FA

      Cash Management

      1. Overview of Cash Management Concepts
      2. Overview of Cash Management project requirements
      3. Configuring CM Module from scratch
      4. Loading bank statements
      5. Reconciling Bank Statements
      6. Loading Bank Statements
      7. Relationship with other Modules
      8. Standard CM reports
      9. Running Business Test Scripts for CM

      System Administration and Application Object Library

      1. Define Users , Monitor Concurrent programs
      2. Define Responsibility, Request group
      3. Define concurrent Program, executables
      4. Define Menu, Sub-menu, function and attach to responsibility
      5. Setup Functional profile options & Understand hierarchy
      6. Understand Key & Descriptive flex fields
      7. Define Document sequence
      8. Understand System & personal profiles


      1. Data Loader usage for financial modules
      2. Project documentation
      3. Sample Resume preparation
      4. Interview question and answers
      5. ADI awareness and testing screens documentation
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    • “I am very much happy with the way you have explained each and every session in detail and would be glad to recommend it to my friends.” –Venu Gopal.
      “I thoroughly enjoyed it and think that it is very worthwhile. My thanks to all concerned.” – Srinivas
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