Microsoft Office Sharepoint 2007 Online Training

Microsoft Office Sharepoint 2007 Online Training

    • Course Duration

      The training comprises of 12 hours of training sessions that are accommodated in convenient batches (weekday or weekend sessions)

      Training Materials

      1. Concise, understandable and to the point course content for each modules contained in the curriculum.
      2. Helps with real time scenario based training designed by certified Industry experts and working professionals with vast experience on ETL testing projects.
      3. Live hands on practice sessions
      4. Advanced training built on latest tools, innovative teaching methods and real time exercises
      5. Trainers have twenty years of vast working experience in e-learning and productivity with top clients in the Industry and diverse range of domains such as government, insurance, hi-tech and pharma businesses

      What’s Needed To Join This Course?

      Candidates who want to enroll for this course must have six months to one year of experience developing applications using Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, experience of working on Microsoft .NET Framework, minimum six months with ASP.NET 2.0, working experience with XML documents, knowledge of XML Web services development and application, a working knowledge of IIS 6.0 and Windows WorkFlow Foundation.

      Who Are Ideal Candidates?

      This course is ideal for developers who use Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and consultants offering consulting services for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007.

      Course Info

      This training course is designed to learn about the services offered by Microsoft Office Sharepoint 2007 in detail. It will teach you the essentials of working with Microsoft Office Sharepoint 2007 2007. A detailed knowledge is provided on various topics that includes smart content management, publishing documents and collaborative projects online, creation and organization of websites, management of web content, controlling mechanism for security levels, understand simple and complex searches, creation and management of team sites, blogs and meeting workspaces.


      Microsoft Office Sharepoint 2007 online training course at our institute is designed by software professionals with nearly fifteen years of working knowledge in some of the country's best software firms. Some of the benefits offered by our training institution are:

      1. Live chat, discussions and online collaboration features allows smooth flow of information between students, peers and trainers.
      2. Live, real-time and interactive training sessions. Non self-paced or pre-recorded sessions to give you a feel of in-person classroom training.
      3. Affordable course fee
      4. 100 % job placement guarantee offered after successful completion of the training
    • Management

      1. Creating and managing document libraries
      2. Creating and managing form libraries
      3. Creating and managing wiki page
      4. Creating and managing Data links library

      User Communications, lists and Custom list items

      1. Announcements
      2. Contacts
      3. Discussion board
      4. Links
      5. Calendar
      6. Tasks, project tasks
      7. Issue tracking and survey
      8. Custom list
      9. Alerts

      Users Permissions and Access Levels

      1. Introduction to security
      2. Access level
      3. User permission and management

      Sits, pages, Master pages, MOSS Designer and Branding

      1. Creating custom site as templates
      2. Creating custom pages and designing
      3. Creating Master pages
      4. Creating designer based pages
      5. Creating designer based web parts
      6. Creating designer based database web parts & web services based web parts

      Introduction to Infopath

      1. Understanding infopath
      2. Use the system templates
      3. Create custom templaes
      4. Create xml based templates and publish to Moss
      5. Create Database templates and publish to Moss
      6. Create Web service based templates and publish to Moss

      Sites Customization

      1. Site themes customization
      2. Site templates customization
      3. Custom templates
      4. Uncustom templates

      Form based Authentication

      1. Introduction to FBA
      2. Creating and configuring FBA
      3. Creating FBA Users
      4. Authenticate FBA users

      Shared Services Providers (SSP)

      1. Introduction to SSP
      2. Creating SSP
      3. Default SSP and Changing Association of SSP
      4. Using MY Site and My links
      5. User Profiles
      6. Excel Services
      7. Office server search
      8. Business Data Catalogs
      9. Creating and Configuration of BDC Web parts

      Introduction to Webparts

      1. Webpart architecture
      2. Create and deploy web part
      3. Create web part and deploy with server controls
      4. Debugging web parts

      Introduction to MOSS API

      1. Using MOSS API object model
      2. Access sites, Document Libraries or List items
      3. Update list items from data base and flat files

      Work Flows

      1. Workflows introduction
      2. Creating workflows
      3. Accessing workflows
      4. Managing workflows


      1. Share point web application management
      2. Share point site management
      3. Infopath forms services
      4. Office share point server shared services
      5. Application security
      6. External service connections
      7. Workflows management
      8. Topology and services
    • “I thoroughly enjoyed the course and the flexible timings helped me do it along with my job. It was the best way to study Microsoft Office Sharepoint 2007. I enjoyed every minute of the interesting and knowledge-filled presentations offered in the course.” – Abhishek Jain
      “This online course training course was totally fantastic, right level, right material. This course helped me progress fast in my career. Thank you!”- Sunil Menon
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