Load Runner Online Training

Load Runner Online Training

    • Course Duration

      This course requires 45 hours of training with two convenient options (weekday or weekend sessions)

      Training Materials

      1. The training material is designed in a detailed manner to give thorough understanding of every sub module
      2. Covers every sub module with real time scenarios and solutions in a simple and easy way
      3. Instant access to class sessions, demo sessions and training material at candidate flexible timings
      4. Offers Certification at the successful completion of the training

      What’s Needed To Join This Course?

      Candidates should have basic knowledge of software testing to do this course

      Who Are Ideal Candidates?

      This course is for Software Testers, Business Analysts, Developers, Leads, and Managers and even beginners who wish to learn Performance testing using Load Runner.

      Course Info

      This Load Runner online training course prepares a learner to become proficient professional who can efficiently deliver skills to support various business functions and operations. This precise and authentic course content deals with various aspects such as Introduction to Performance Testing and its types, process and tools, Introduction to Load Runner, Components, its Protocols, components, Architecture, Working and Load test process, Introduction to Vugen and workflow, Checkpoints, transactions, script structure and parametrization.


      Our state of the art methodologies, technologies and proficient team of professionals helps in building required skills, reasoning, problem solving abilities and confidence in a candidate. Some of the other extraordinary features of this course are:

      1. Comprehensive theoretical lectures with lots of practical exposure on latest set of automated tools used in companies
      2. Separate problem solving sessions addresses doubts and provides deeper understanding and clarity on every topic.
      3. Daily interviews and group discussion to build confidence and communication skills
      4. Affordable training course fee
      5. 100 % Job placement after successful completion of the online training
    • Load Runner Course Content


      1. What is performance test
      2. Why performance test
      3. Introduction to Load Runner
      4. Load Runner Components
      5. Load Runner Architecture
      6. How Load Runner works
      7. Important Terminology
      8. Load Runner Process
      9. Best Practises

      Virtual user generator

      1. Inroduction to Vugen
      2. Recording Settings
      3. General Options
      4. Record Basic Script
      5. Script Enhancements
      6. Parameterization
      7. Parameter settings
      8. Inserting check points
      9. Inserting transactions, sub transactions, rendezvous points
      10. Inserting correlation statements
      11. Inserting conditional and iterative statements
      12. Naming convenstions
      13. Importing actions into Vuser
      14. Working with Built - in and User defined functions
      15. Scripting Standards
      16. Debugging the script
      17. Runtime settings


        Introduction to controller
      1. Scenario Types
      2. Manual Scenarios
      3. Goal oriented scenarios

      Scenario Design

      1. Creating / Adding Groups
      2. Configuaring load generators
      3. Run time settings

      Scenario Scheduling

      1. Schedule by Scenario
      2. Schedule by Group
      3. Diagnostics
      4. Rendezvous policy
      5. Online monitors
      6. Add measurments
      7. Result settings
      8. Scenario execution
      9. Monitoring and editing the scenario during execution
      10. Monitoring Dbase and App servers for performance bottlenecks
      11. Naming conventions
      12. Best practices


      1. Introducing to Analyzer
      2. Analyzing graphs and reports
      3. Merging and filtering the graphs
      4. Exporting reports to excel
      5. Results comparisons
      6. Reporting Test results to Application team
      7. Best practices

      Introduction to Quality center

      1. Process changes
      2. Quality center framework
      3. Tool Demo/ Training
      4. Test Management process
      5. Specify requirements
      6. Plan Tests
      7. Tests Execution
      8. Defect Management
    • “Load Runner Course by this institute was really beneficial. Instructors were highly experienced and their method of delivery of lectures was simple.” – Sonal Jain
      ““I am very happy and contended by investing time, effort and money in this trainiung institute. For a bright and successful career i would surely recommend this online course to my friends.”- Rohit Chawan
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