Informatica Online Training

Informatica Online Training

    • Course Duration

      30 hours of training with two convenient options (weekday or weekend sessions)

      Training Materials

      1. Comprehensively designed course material by expert team of professionals with four years of experience in online and corporate training
      2. Live session practice and recorded sessions
      3. 24*7 access to the systems and servers
      4. Get instant feedback on the work through assessments, quizzes and tests

      What’s Needed To Join This Course?

      A candidate who wishes to enroll for this course must have a basic knowledge of ETL, SQL and Data warehousing concepts.

      Who Are Ideal Candidates?

      This course can be pursued by any graduate, fresher, working professional, software developer with basic knowledge of SQL and fundamentals of data warehouse.

      Course Info

      This training course is designed to avail the services of Informatica in the form of an ETL tool to extract the data from the source location and load it to the destination after required transformation. Course contents of this online training course are Data Warehousing Introduction, Client Software Overview, Source and Target Object Definitions, Mappings, Monitoring Workflows, Debugger, Filter/Sorter/Aggregator/Joiner/Lookup Transformation, Parameters and Variables, Sequence Generator Transformation, Workflow Configuration and Worklets.


      Our institute has a strong and committed team of professionals who not only aim at developing skill set of a candidate but also confidence, interpersonal skills and analytical skills which are greatly required to successfully perform at the workplace. Some of our outstanding features include:

      1. Quality theoretical lectures with extensive practical exposure on advanced set of tools and technologies
      2. Offer daily and weekend classes to suit the convenience and availability of the students
      3. Assurance of 100% satisfaction
      4. 100% Placement assistance on successful completion of the course
    • Introduction and Architecture

      Introduction to Informatica

      1. Architecture of Informatica — Power Center 8.1
      2. Informatica Design Process
      3. Informatica Client Tool — Designer
      4. Source Analyzer and Warehouse Designer

      Mapping Designer

      1. Create a Simple Mapping
      2. Overview of Transformations
      3. Types of Transformations — Active and Passive
      4. Expression Transformation
      5. Source Qualifier Transformation
      6. Introduction to Workflow Manager
      7. Control Flow Statements
      8. Task Developer
      9. Workflow Designer
      10. Creating Connections
      11. Flat Files Handling
      12. Create Simple Mappings
      13. Flat File Analysis

      Architecture Review

      1. Architecture 8.1 Review
      2. Differences between Power Mart and Power Center
      3. Connecting to SAP
      4. FTP Process
      5. Command Task
      6. Create a Mapping
      7. Joiner Transformation


      1. Create a Mapping
      2. Using Join in a Source Qualifier Transformation
      3. Expression Transformation
      4. Filter Transformation
      5. Transformations Contd

      Multiple Targets Loading

      1. Router Transformation
      2. Diff between Filter and Router Transformations
      3. Create a Mapping
      4. Master Outer Join

      Transformations Contd

      1. Create a Mapping
      2. CReusable Transformation
      3. CLookup Transformation
      4. CDebugger
      5. CHandling Multiple Files as Source
      6. CMapplets
      7. CCreate Mappings
      8. CSequence Generator Transformation
      9. Multiple Pipelines in a Single Mapping
      10. Target Load Plan
      11. Mapplets

      Update Strategy

      1. SCD Type 1 mapping Implementation
      2. Update Strategy Transformation
      3. SCD Type 2
      4. SCD Type 2 mapping Implementation
      5. Loading Strategy
      6. Sequential and Parallel Loading
      7. Union Transformation
      8. Dynamic Lookup Cache
      9. Introduction to Fact Loading
      10. Create a Mapping

      Transformations Contd

      1. Create a Mapping
      2. Date Dimension Loading
      3. Lookup Transformation – Persistent Cache
      4. Aggregator Transformation
      5. Sorter Transformation
      6. Creating Stored Procedure

      Transformations Contd

      1. Normalizer Transformation
      2. Stored Procedure Transformation
      3. Active Vs Passive Transformations
      4. Connected Vs Unconnected Transformations

      Implementing Incremental Loading

      1. Create a Mapping
      2. Importance of Mapping Variable
      3. Implementing Incremental Aggregation
      4. Create a Mapping
      5. Incremental Aggregation
      6. Transaction and Variable Port
      7. Transaction Control Transformation
      8. Variable Ports
      9. Workflow Tasks
      10. Scheduling
      11. Task Link Properties
      12. Event Raise Task
      13. Event Wait Task
      14. Work let


      Parameter Files

      Removing Duplicate Rows

    • “I am very contended and grateful by choosing this institute for making my dream career. I recommend this course to my colleagues and wish all the best for their endeavors.” – Krishna Naik
      “This course was really great. Trainers are experienced and nice. Course material was self-explanatory with lots of practical examples. Course delivery method was simple yet advanced.”- Ramesh Yadav
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