IBM Mainframe Online Training

IBM Mainframe Online Training

    • Course Duration

      This course comprises of 45 hours of professional training offered in flexible time slots and batches

      Training Materials

      1. Topic wise training material designed in a precise and lucid manner.
      2. Ample number of student and faculty interactive sessions
      3. 24*7 access to the study material and doubt clarifications
      4. Aids in resume services and interviews sessions
      5. Recorded training sessions
      6. Uses latest technology and tools and provides exposure on real time projects

      What’s Needed To Join This Course?

      IBM MAINFRAME Course can be pursued by candidate who has knowledge of basic data processing and I/O concepts to do this course

      Who Are Ideal Candidates?

      Candidates who are fresher, changing their career path, desiring to learn new technologies or progress in the career ladder are ideal to do this course

      Course Info

      Our IBM MAINFRAME online training program will assist you with the basic modules used in real time work with the real projects. The IBM Mainframe online training course focusses to build an understanding of the various aspects of mainframe such as the History of Mainframes, Job Control Language (JCL) and in depth tutorials on the components, functions and transactions of the Customer Information Control System (CICS). IBM MAINFRAME Training course covers most popular IBM products/languages like MVS COBOL II, JCL, VSAM, CICS, DB2, FILE-AID etc.


      We are the leaders in the IBM Mainframe online training courses. This course is designed in a sophisticated manner keeping in mind the increasing Industry demands of Mainframe specialists. Its detailed curriculum offers you quality lectures designed by industry expert’s professionals with years of corporate work experience. With a vast real time experience in conducting online training this training program transforms a candidate to become exceptional mainframe professional to work in top notch firms and institutions worldwide. Some of our amazing benefits include:

      1. Their best in class training modules offers thorough understanding on all the business domains
      2. Provides a clear understanding of the core concepts of Mainframe and develops quick and out of the box approach to apply them in real time.
      3. Develops skills in the identification and determination of the best possible solutions to the business problems.
      4. Reasonable fee structure
      5. Job assistance and technical support after successful completion of the online training
      6. 100 % satisfaction is guaranteed
      7. Best faculty in the Industry
      8. Lowest course price
      9. Offers certification after successful completion of this online training course.
    • IBM Mainframes Online Training

      Introductory on Mainframe

      1. Mainframe Concepts
      2. Basic IBM Architecture
      3. Differences from other systems
      4. How is Working


      1. IBM H/W Evolution
      2. MVS O/S
      3. MVS Data Management
      4. MVS Job Management
      5. IBM Software Support
      6. Characteristics & I/O Device


      1. Need To JCL
      2. JOB, Exec, DD Statements
      3. Procedure Statement
      4. Symbolic & Overriding Parameters
      5. GDG (General Data Group)
      6. Utilities
      7. Working with JCL


      1. Introduction To COBOL
      2. COBOL Program Structure
      3. Arithmetic Operation
      4. Input/Output Operation
      5. Division Entries
      6. Sequence Control Operation
      7. File Handling
      8. Table Handling
      9. Character Handling
      10. Subroutines
      11. Sorting & Merging


      1. Feature And Structure
      2. Organization And CI/CA Splits
      3. VSAM Usage In COBOL
      4. Access Method Service (AMS)
      5. Alternate Indexes & Paths
      6. Dataset


      1. Online System Feature & Components
      2. Components & Tables
      3. Basic Mapping Support (BMS)
      4. CICS Table Environment
      5. File, Exception Handling


      1. RDBMS Concepts & Components
      2. Data Normalization
      3. SQL Statements
      4. DB2-SPUFI
      5. Dclgen, QMF
      6. Embedded & Dynamic SQL
      7. CICS-DB2 Programming
      8. COBOL-DB2 Programming
      9. Security And Authorization

      File AID

      1. XPEditor
      2. Endeavour
      3. Vision Plus
    • Testimonials

      “I do want to tell know that the IBM Mainframe online training course has been a great help for me. Moving to Crystal Reports has never been so easy but your program really helps” – Ritu Mukherjee
      “I am impressed by their high quality work, latest technologies and sophisticated procedures that have helped me reach new heights in IBM Mainframe. Course content was designed in an elaborate manner that has made it very easy to understand and implement”- Shilpa Mehta
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