Hyperion Interactive Report Online Training

Hyperion Interactive Report Online Training

    • Course Duration

      40 hours of training with two convenient options (weekday or weekend sessions)

      Training Materials

      1. Facilitates study with an instructor on a real time basis and provides 24*7 access to the course content online anywhere
      2. Extensive practice and practical exposure on real equipment
      3. Offers hands on experience on advanced set of tools and technology
      4. Prepares a student for the workplace with the help of presentations and collaborative projects

      What’s Needed To Join This Course?

      To pursue this training course a candidate is required to have basic knowledge of database and data warehouse concepts. He/she should be able to write SQL queries on several database objects. Basic knowledge of Javascript is also essential.

      Who Are Ideal Candidates?

      This course can be pursued by graduate, fresher, working professional, software developer with basic knowledge of SQL, data warehouse and Javascript.

      Course Info

      This online training course provides you an in-depth knowledge on various areas of this subject, some of them are an overview to Interactive Reporting, Creating a sample query, Working with Tables, Querying Multidimensional Databases, Cube query, Charting data, Designing Reports, Analyzing Data with Pivot Tables, Applying Sorts, Connectivity in Interactive Reporting, Data Modeling, Security for Interactive reporting, Introduction and Migrating reports with dashboards, etc.


      We are a strong and committed team of talented faculty with real time work experience in various related fields to prepare a candidate work successfully on real-time projects and make a promising career. Some of the features of our training institute are:

      1. Provides the best in class online training solutions for over a period of ten years
      2. Successfully trained more than 2000 students all across the globe
      3. Highly talented and experienced team of trainers, technicians and career consultants possessing vast training skills
      4. Affordable fee structure
      5. Live 24*7 technical assistance to help students in resolving their queries online
    • Viewing Results.

      1. Reordering Columns.
      2. Sorting Columns
      3. Filtering Data.
      4. Calculating Data.
      5. Pivoting Data.
      6. Drilling Down.
      7. Hiding Data.
      8. Adding Color.

      Charting data.

      1. Sorting Charts.
      2. Inserting Text Labels.

      Designing Reports.

      1. Creating smart Reports.
      2. Sorting Columns. Setting up a Report page.

      Inserting Sections and Breaks.

      Changing Views.

      Formatting Text and other elements.

      Setting interactive reporting options.

      Exporting document as web page.

      Export to HTML Wizard.

      Spot lighter.


      1. Query Section.
      2. Building queries.
      3. Processing Queries
      4. Saving Queries
      5. Derived Tables.
      6. Working with query section data.


      1. Results section.
      2. Enhancing your results set.
      3. Working with results table.
      4. Saving Results set.
      5. Exporting Results set

      Working with Tables.

      1. Table Section.
      2. Creating Tables. Manipulating Table Data. Working with Table Components.

      Querying Multidimensional Databases

      1. Olap Query Section
      2. Defining OLAP Query Options
      3. Building OLAP Queries.
      4. Refining OLAP Query data.
      5. Processing OLAP Queries.
      6. Applying Filters.

      Cube query:

      1. Member selection.
      2. Query options.
      3. Showing as Chart.
      4. Exporting a Cube query.

      Analyzing Data with Pivot Tables.

      1. Creating Pivot Table.
      2. Charting a Pivot table.
      3. Working with Pivot table.
      4. Pivoting Data.

      Report Designer.

      1. Report Section.
      2. Creating a custom report.
      3. Working with a report page.
      4. Formatting report items.

      Computed Items.

      1. About Computed Items.
      2. Adding Computed items.
      3. Common computed item example.

      Applying Sorts.

      1. Sorting Data.
      2. Simple Sort.
      3. Sort lines.
      4. Complex Sorting.
      5. Nested Sorting.

      Understanding Connectivity in Interactive Reporting.

      1. About IR Database connection files.
      2. Working with interactive reporting connection.
      3. Connecting to database.

      Data Modeling.

      1. About Modeling.
      2. Building a data model.
      3. Understanding joins.
      4. Working with Data Models.
      5. Security for Interactive reporting.
      6. Introduction to dashboards.
      7. Migrating reports with dashboards
    • “I had a wonderful learning experience here at this training institute. Their comprehensive course material and advanced knowledge delivery tools made learning easier and interesting” – Shailaja Mathur
      “Being a non IT graduate, this online training course has provided immense practical exposure of software field that helped me to learn the complexities and intricacies of software in a simple way. Looking forward for yet another specialization course from this institute”- Arnav Maheshwari
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