ETL Testing Online Training

ETL Testing Online Training

    • Course Duration

      The training comprises of 30 hours of training sessions that are accommodated in convenient batches (weekday or weekend sessions)

      Training Materials

      1. Helps with real time scenario based training designed by certified industry experts and working professionals with vast experience on ETL testing projects
      2. Advanced training built on latest tools, innovative teaching methods and real time exercises
      3. Live hands on practice sessions
      4. Lucid, clear, up to date and easy to understand course content for each module in the curriculum

      What’s Needed To Join This Course?

      Candidates should have good logical and reasoning abilities; willingness and exploring capabilities that would help in excelling in this field.

      Who Are Ideal Candidates?

      Anyone with IT or non IT background can enroll for this course. Knowledge of programming skill is not necessary for this course. This course is for beginner to advance level professionals who wish to build a sound career in ETL testing.

      Course Info

      A detailed knowledge is provided on various topics that includes Data Warehousing concepts, Data Acquisition, extraction, Transformation and Loading, Database design, Star schema, types of software testing, ETL testing concepts, ETL testing workflow process, ETL test plan, ETL test cases, reporting bugs in ETL testing, etc.


      ETL testing online training course at our institute is designed by software testers with nearly 15 years of working knowledge in some of the country's best software firms. Some of the benefits offered by our training institution are:

      1. Live, real-time and interactive training sessions. Non self-paced or pre-recorded sessions to give you a feel of in-person classroom training.
      2. Live chat, discussions and online collaboration features allows smooth flow of information between students, peers and trainers.
      3. Reasonable course fee
      4. 100% job placement guarantee offered post successful completion of the training
    • ETL and Report Testing Course Details

      What is Data Warehousing?

      Differences between OLTP and Data Warehousing



      Data Marts

      1. Dependent DM
      2. Independent DM
      3. Data Warehousing Life Cycle
      4. Database Design
      5. Star Schema
      6. Snowflake Schema
      7. Fact Constellation Schema

      SCD (Slowly changing Dimensions)

      1. TYPE1 SCD
      2. TYPE2 SCD
      3. TYPE3 SCD

      Basic concepts in SQL

      Overview of ETL Tool Architecture

      Components in ETL Tool

      Coding and Testing process in different transformation rules:

      1. SAMPLE Loading from source to target
      2. SORTER Transformation
      3. FILTER Transformation
      4. ROUTER Transformation
      5. EXPRESSION Transformation
      6. JOINER Transformation
      7. UNION Transformation
      8. AGGREAGATOR Transformation
      9. RANK Transformation
      10. STORED PROCEDURE Transformation
      11. SEQUENCE GENERATOR Transformation
      12. Flat File
      13. SQL Transformation

      Different types of testing techniques in ETL

      MINUS Query

      COUNT Query

    • “The tutorials provided by them were highly useful and self-explanatory. This made it easy to master every single element contained in this subject.” – Kiran Menon
      “Being a working professional i could not attend the regular course. ETL Testing online training course helped me with flexible timings that allowed me to complete this course successfully.”- Prajakta Thakur
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