Datastage8 Online Training

Datastage8 Online Training

    • Course Duration:

      40 hours of extensive online training sessions by expert professionals

      Training Materials

      Following materials/facilities will be provided as a part of course curriculum

      1. Live/virtual instructor led online sessions
      2. Case studies and business oriented examples
      3. High quality standard course material
      4. Interactive video sessions & lectures
      5. Reference e-books

      What’s Needed To Join This Course?

      1. Students must have Knowledge in SQL and PL/SQL
      2. Basic knowledge on UNIX Shell Script is required

      Who Are Ideal Candidates?

      A business enthusiast willing to learn and explore business needs with ETL tools can apply for this course. Active IT professionals or beginners in database world can extremely benefitted by this course.

      Course Info

      Datastage online training begins with viewing the massive image, ETL tools and how Datastage fits within the product set. DataStage manager provides the user interface to view the contents of data. Data sources, transformations and destination database are specified in DataStage training. All our trainers have good training experience.

      Highlights Of The Course

      1. Extensive training from business experts
      2. 24*7 technical support during course hours
      3. Communicate strategy more effectively and make you familiar with real project scenarios
      4. Certificate oriented training program

      Why Our Institute:

      1. Experienced and certified trainers
      2. Simple and intuitive method of teaching
      3. Affordable fee structure
      4. Career guidance
      5. Placement assistance after successfully completing the course

      1. History of Data warehouse
      2. Need of a Data warehouse
      3. OLTP Systems
      4. Definition of Data warehouse
      5. Difference b/w OLTP & DW
      6. Datawarehousing Architecture
      7. Data warehouse Vs. Data mart
      8. Datawarehousing Approaches
      9. Dimension Tables & Types
      10. Slowly changing Dimension-Type1
      11. Type 2 and Type 3
      12. Conformed Dimension
      13. Lately Arriving Dimension
      14. Junk Dimension
      15. Degenarated Dimension
      16. Dirty Dimension
      17. Fact Table & types
      18. Measures & facts
      19. Datawarehousing Schemas
      20. Data Acquisation Process
      21. Project Life Cycle
      22. Extraction types


      1. Introduction to Websphere Datastage & Quality Stage
      2. Parallel Processing
      3. Pipeline parallel processing
      4. Partition parallel processing
      5. Difference b/w Informatica & Data Stage
      6. Information Server Architectur


      1. Introduction to Datastage Designer
      2. Metadata Repository
      3. Palette
      4. Genaral Stages
      5. Data Quality
      6. Investigate Stage
      7. Match Frequency
      8. MNS
      9. Standardize Stage
      10. Unduplicate Match
      11. WAVES
      12. Survive Stage
      13. File Stages
      14. Database Stages
      15. Informix Stage
      16. Classic Fedaration
      17. IWay Enterprise
      18. Netteza Enterprise
      19. Development/Debug Stages
      20. Processing Stages
      21. Transformer Stage
      22. Slowly Changing Dimension Stage
      23. Websphere TX Map
      24. Real Time Stages
      25. Web services Client
      26. Web services Transformer
      27. WISD Input
      28. WISD Output
      29. XML input
      30. XML Output
      31. XML Transformer
      32. Websphere MQ
      33. Java Client
      34. Java Transformer
      35. SAP Plug-In Stages
      36. ABAP Stage
      37. IDoc Extract Stage
      38. IDoc Load Stage
      39. BAPI Stage
      40. Restrecture Stages
      41. Buildop Stages
      42. Exporting the DS Components
      43. Importing the DS Components
      44. Managing the Repository
      45. Data Set Management Utility
      46. Message Handler for Manager
      47. Performance Analysis
      48. Resource Estimation
    • “This course is a great value for anyone who is new to TM1. I would highly recommend it". – Purav Shah
      "An online course designed to make you an expert in using Cognos TM1 and learn customize drill paths and manage cubes design and setting up security for multi-dimensional data.” – Satish Mehra
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