Crystal Reports Online Training

Crystal Reports Online Training

    • Course Duration

      This course curriculum is of 10 hours and conducted with flexible timings and batches

      Training Materials

      1. Exclusive step by step videos, relevant and detailed training material designed by highly proficient software professionals with over fifteen years of successful corporate experience.
      2. Live interactive and instructor led sessions allows students to interact with the faculty by way of verbal communication, chatting and sharing screen.
      3. Ample work opportunities on real time scenarios, live projects and cutting edge tools and technology
      4. Instant access to the systems, servers and complete training course material Offers certification on the successful completion of the course

      What’s Needed To Join This Course?

      No formal education is needed to do this course but familiarity and sound knowledge of Microsoft Windows and database concepts is essential.

      Who Are Ideal Candidates?

      Candidate with a bachelor's degree in a related field and prior experience with a report writing tool is desired.

      Course Info

      This course provides students with in-depth knowledge of the Crystal Reports of various versions -Crystal Reports 2008/2011, XI, Crystal Reports .Net 2008, Crystal Reports .Net 2005, Crystal Reports .Net 2003. This online course help student learn from the basics such as creation of the first report to its printing. The topics covered under this subject include modification of report objects, use of grids and guidelines, formatting of reports, sorting and grouping, selecting records, writing formulas crystal syntax, sub-report creating and design.


      Crystal Reports online training course is designed in an elaborate manner with lots of practical examples and real time case scenarios to give a clear understanding of the subject. Some of our amazing features are as follows:

      1. Training under the team of skilled trainers enables students to work efficiently in real-time scenarios.
      2. Assists students to grasp the technicalities of this full-fledged technical subject under the guidance and support of well skilled and certified trainers.
      3. Online 24×7 technical support through call, email or live chat sessions to solve all types of queries that may occur during the course of the training Affordable course fee
      4. 100 % job placement at the end of successful completion of the online training course
    • Perl Programming Online Training

      Perl 5 Essential Training

      1. Perl Course Details
      2. Perl Overview
      3. PERL history
      4. Running Perl scripts
      5. Data types
      6. Basic concepts (assignment, comments Standard I/O, print)

      Scalar Data types

      1. Numbers and strings
      2. Literals and variables
      3. Numeric functions Interpolation
      4. String functions


      1. Variables
      2. Creation, Assignment and access
      3. Built in array functions

      Hashes (Associative Arrays)

      1. Variables, creation, assignment and access
      2. Hashes as arrays
      3. Build in Hash Functions


      1. Basic I/O (STDIN, STDOUT, STDERR)
      2. Files handle and file handling
      3. Error handling
      4. Directory Processing
      5. System Processing Management

      Regular expression

      1. Pattern matching
      2. Templates
      3. Wildcards and character classes
      4. Recovering previous matches
      5. Recovering previous matches

      User Defined Functions

      1. Using and creating Functions
      2. Arguments and Return values
      3. Scooping
      4. Prototypes
    • Testimonials

      “I thoroughly enjoyed the course and the flexible timings helped me do it along with my job. It was the best way to study Perl Programming. I enjoyed every minute of the interesting and knowledge-filled presentations offered in the course.” – Niharika Bisht
      “This is my first programming course online. I feel that this course was delivered at the right level and detail. The quizzes, mock interview sessions and assignments were pretty challenging but appropriate” – Suman Goyal
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