CCNP Online Training

CCNP Online Training

    • Course Duration

      This course curriculum consists of 70 hours courses with flexible timings and batches

      Training Materials

      1. Training material is designed by highly proficient network professionals with over fifteen years of successful corporate experience
      2. Plenty of work opportunity on real time scenarios, networking projects and cutting edge tools and technology
      3. Instant access to the systems, servers and complete training course material
      4. Live interactive and instructor led sessions allows students to interact with the faculty by way of verbal communication, chatting and sharing screen
      5. Offers the highly recognized CCNP certification assistance on the successful completion of the course

      What’s Needed To Join This Course?

      The only requirement for this course is hard work, willingness to learn and dedication.

      Who Are Ideal Candidates?

      This course can be done by working professionals or fresher with B.Sc., B.C.A, MCA or B.E qualification. No prior experience in networking is required to pursue for this course.

      Course Info

      CCNP course curriculum equips the learner with thorough knowledge of advanced R&S - routing and switching services for converged video, voice and data enterprise networks. This curriculum comprises of detailed study of R&S ROUTE, R&S SWITCH and R&S TSHOOT.


      CCNP online training course is designed in an elaborate manner with lots of illustrations to give a clear understanding to their students. Some of our amazing features are as follows:

      1. Training under the team of skilled trainers enables students to work efficiently in real-time scenarios
      2. Aids students to grasp the full-fledged technical subject under the guidance and support of well trained and certified trainers
      3. Online 24×7 technical support through phone, email or live chat sessions to solve all types of queries that may come across during the entire time span of the course
      4. Decent fee structure
      5. 100% job placement at the end of successful completion of the online training course

      ROUTE - (642-902)

      Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocols - EIGRP

      1. Establishing Neighbors
      2. Topology Table
      3. IP Routing Table
      4. Optimizing EIGRP Convergence
      5. Route Filtering
      6. Route Summarization
      7. Authetication

      Open Shortest Path First - OSPF

      1. Planning
      2. Verification
      3. Configuration
      4. Neighbors
      5. Adjacencies Formation (on LAN & WAN)
      6. Link State Advt – LSAs
      7. Link State Database
      8. Route Filtering & Summerization
      9. Areas & Special Areas
      10. Authentication
      11. Virtual Links

      Path Control

      1. Redistribution into EIGRP
      2. Redistribution into OSPF
      3. Redistribution with Distribute Lists
      4. Redistribution with Route Map
      5. Policy Based Routing - PBR

      Border Gateway Protocol - BGP

      1. Internal BGP
      2. External BGP
      3. Neighbors
      4. Verifying BGP Tables
      5. Route Filtering


      1. IPv6 Addressing
      2. IPV6 Routing
      3. Configuring IPv6 Address
      4. Tunnels

      SWITCH -(642-813)

      Building Campus Network

      1. Layer 2 Switch
      2. Layer 3 Switch
      3. Tables used in Switching
      4. Switch port Configuration
      5. VLANs & VLAN Trunks & VTP
      6. Ether Channel
      7. STP & PVST+
      8. Adv. STP (RSTP & MST)
      9. Inter VLAN Routing
      10. Multi - Layer Switching (MLS)

      Designing Campus Networks

      1. Hierarchical Network Design
      2. Modular Network Design
      3. Router Redundancy in Multilayer Switching
      4. HSRP
      5. VRRP
      6. GLBP

      Campus Network Services

      1. IP Telephony
      2. Wireless LANs

      Securing Switched Networks

      1. Port Security
      2. Port - based Authentication
      3. Mitigating Spoofing Attacks
      4. Best practices for Securing Switches

      TSHOOT - (642-832)

      1. Securing Switched Networks
      2. Introduction to Network Maintenance
      3. Introduction to Troubleshooting Process
      4. Maintenance & Troubleshooting
      5. Basic & Adv. Cisco Catalyst Switch Troubleshooting
      6. Introduction to Troubelshooting Routing Protocols
      7. Security Troubleshooting
      8. IP Services Troubleshooting
      9. IP Communications Troubleshooting
      10. IPv6 Troubleshooting
      11. Advanced Services Troubleshooting
      12. Large Enterprise Network Troubleshooting
    • ““The way they have designed and presented the course was very impressive. I am happy to achieve more than my expectation.” – Ruchi Malik
      “The support, constant motivation and extensive knowledge shared by their highly skilled and professional team were excellent.”- Shoaib Akhtar
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