Biztalk server

Biztalk server

    • Course Duration

      This 40 hour Biztalk Server online training provides an understanding about various connectivity and integration tasks of an enterprise.

      Training Materials

      PDF, online lectures, software, video, e- books, etc. are offered with this course.

      What’s Needed To Join This Course?

      A professional with MCTS accreditation can easily go for this course.

      Who Are Ideal Candidates?

      IT professionals or developers, who have knowledge about developing and working on BizTalk platform.

      Course Info

      Topic lecture will be accompanied with projects. This training session will help the trainee in understanding payment process, supply chain, multi- channel interactions, etc.

      Highlights Of The Course

      1. He or she will have a better understanding about different business integration and connectivity tasks.
      2. He or she will be able to connect organization with incongruent systems for having access to various adapters.
      3. Trainee will be able to monitor business activity.


      Our trainees get opportunity to work with experts. Trainees get inspiration and motivation from instructors. Our world class facilities meet not only present but future needs of students.

    • Introduction to BizTalk Server 2006

      1. What Is BizTalk Server 2006?
      2. What's New in BizTalk Server 2006?
      3. The BizTalk Server Development Environment
      4. BizTalk Architecture
      5. Purpose Of BizTalk
      6. EAI And B2B Application

      Creating Schemas

      1. Introduction to BizTalk Schemas
      2. Creating XML and Flat-File Schemas
      3. Creating a New BizTalk Project
      4. Creating an XML Schema Using BizTalk Editor
      5. Creating a Flat-File Schema Using the Flat File Schema Wizard
      6. Creating Positional File Scheme
      7. How Validate the Scheme
      8. How Testing the Schema
      9. How To Create the Schema For SQL

      Creating Maps

      1. How Creating a Basic Map
      2. How Validate The MAP
      3. String Factoids
      4. Date Time Factoids
      5. Database Factoids
      6. Scripting Factoids
      7. Custom Factoids
      8. Mathematical Factoids
      9. Advanced Factoids

      Routing BizTalk Messages

      1. Introduction to Message Routing
      2. Configuring Message Routing
      3. Promoting Message Properties
      4. Configuring a Filter Expression
      5. Testing Message Routing


      1. Introduction to Web Services Integration
      2. Consuming a Web Service


      1. Introduction to SQL Server Integration
      2. Inserting Data Into SQL Server Data Base Using Positional file
      3. Retrying Data From SQL Server Data Base

      Creating a BizTalk Orchestration

      1. Introduction to BizTalk Orchestration
      2. Creating a New BizTalk Orchestration
      3. Creating BizTalk Orchestration Ports
      4. Creating BizTalk Orchestration Messages
      5. How To Work With Message Assignment Shape
      6. How To Work With Transform Shape
      7. How To Work With Expression Shape
      8. How To Work With Delay Shape
      9. How To Work With Terminate Shape

      Automating Business Processes

      1. Controlling the Flow of an Orchestration
      2. Configuring Orchestrations
      3. Configuring Orchestration Expressions
      4. Configuring Message Correlation
      5. Configuring Exception Handling


      1. Introduction to Deployment
      2. Deploying an Assembly
      3. Assigning a BizTalk Project to an Application
      4. Building and Deploying a BizTalk Application
      5. Creating Receive Ports and Locations
      6. Creating Send Ports
      7. Testing a BizTalk Assembly


      1. Introduction to Pipelines
      2. Building a Pipeline
      3. Create a New Send Pipeline Used to Encrypt Messages
      4. Test the Send Pipeline


      1. Introduction to BizTalk Adapters
      2. Configuring a BizTalk Adapter
      3. Configuring the FILE Adapter
      4. Working with the SQL Adapter


      1. Introduction to Transactions
      2. Configuring Transactions
      3. Configuring an Orchestration as Transactional
      4. Configuring an Atomic Transaction
      5. Configuring Compensation

      Deploying and Managing Biztalk Application

      1. Introduction to BizTalk Applications
      2. Deploying an Application
      3. Creating a BizTalk Application MSI Package
      4. Installing from a BizTalk Application MSI Package
      5. Debugging Orchestration using HAT
    • “I got first rate support from Instructors. Pace of course is fine. There is in-depth and quick learning.” – Ravi Kumar
      “Not much techno-babble is there. Now, I can apply my skills at my work. There is stress on fundamental concepts.” – Wilson Rodriguez
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